Long Tall Jefferson is a restless traveller. And, even more so, a restless songwriter. His debut album ‘I Want My Honey Back’ introduces him easily as an accomplished storyteller… His songs seamlessly move from personal observations to everyday politics and sharp irony. But most of all, he’s capable of creating those very special moments of unifying musical intimacy.

In fact, Long Tall Jefferson is a wanderer by trade. Living as a professional musician for the last couple of years he toured and travelled a lot. He worked and lived in different cities around Europe – Berlin, Brussels, Zurich and Leipzig among others – documenting his experiences and observations in a pile of songs, which eventually needed an output. “I like to abstract personal matters trying to find some more generally applicable mechanisms behind them. It really helps me bearing the sheer unlikeliness of human existence”, says the songwriter.

While the songs of ‘I Want My Honey Back’ were piling up over a long time, the actual album was recorded and produced in a rush of inspiration. Within a month he recorded 15 songs on an old 4-track cassette recorder he bought in a Berlin junk shop. A good friend came over and recorded trumpets and horns adding some extra warmth to two of the nine songs that finally made it onto the album. The analogue workflow had a big influence on the production and the sound of the recording. Not least “due to the way perfection has its limits and because I had to accept and start to appreciate flaws and inconsistencies”, as Long Tall Jefferson says. All of that makes this record incredibly honest and stripped back.

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Territory: Germany | Label: Red Brick Chapel | Agent: Florian

Selected Press:

  • “It is the little nuances and inconsistencies that make this record so compelling and irrefutably human” (Bittersweet Symphonies)
  • “The result is minimalistic lo-fi-folk at its best. (…) A must for friends of folk music. And of good music in general.” (Piratenradio.ch)
  • “[Long Tall Jefferson] has a lot of skills: He’s great at playing guitar, he’s a nice singer, he’s got great abilities as a songwriter.” (SRF Virus)


27.10. D-Altötting, Plattenzimmer (tbc)

Touring Highlights:

About 70 gigs played in only one year // shows in Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic

Past tour Dates with [fwd: like waves]:

Spring 2017: 17.5. D-Berlin, Ä Neukölln // 18.5. D-Eisenach, Lebemann // 19.5. D-Hof, Halunkenburg // 20.5. D-Bad Kötzting, Bahnhof // 21.5. D-München, Luitpoldhügel