Alise Joste (LV)

The calm magic of acoustic music is no privilege of, let’s say, Norwegian or British musicians: Alise Joste from Latvia has the artistical power to wipe away everything trivial and ordinary and take her listeners to hidden places… In her homeland, she’s a well-known part of the singer-songwriter scene since 2008.

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Angela Aux (GER)

Angela Aux is a bird on a wire. In future days he could have been a sailor either/or a cook. He’s up for weird folk, kraut and experimental music, somewhere among parties all tomorrows never know.

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EAWY (Ger)

EAWY stands for earnest and without you, a duo from Berlin that is intrigued by the unspeakable and the idea to uncover blank spaces to make them audible. EAWY also stands for an epic sound that is diffuse, lush and melodic at the same time.

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Gabriel Miller Phillips (USA)

Until he left New York in 2012, Gabriel Miller Phillips was a fixture in the Brooklyn music scene and an outstanding songwriter from the great American school. For two long years when he could not leave the house for health reasons, Miller Phillips kept company with an acoustic guitar. The result was the fine folk…

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Il Tempo Gigante (DK)

Il Tempo Gigante is Rolf Hansen from Denmark – an outstanding musical project made out of two hands, guitar, voice, loop, trumpet, sincerity and smiles that reaches farther than a written description can. It’s about slices of sound woven with a virtuoso hand into a shimmering thread, far beyond the old and plain patterns of…

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Le Millipede (GER)

Arranging various layers of piano, xylophone and glockenspiel, stylophone, Moog and harmonium, Le Millipede creates minimalist, instrumental pop gems, tracks with an immediate quality that seem rather simple at first listen. It’s a well-known fact that millipedes, though frequently referred to as “thousand leggers”, actually have no more than 750 legs, usually way less. Correspondingly, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that…

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Lloyd Williams (UK)

Somewhere between the spaces occupied by songwriters lies a type of sound that’s not ordinarily exploited amongst tried and tested musical design. This is where British singer-songwriter, Lloyd Williams, finds his niche. Invoking familiar and traditional folk nuances and rousing lyrical finesse, Williams’s sound strikes parallels with contemporary outfits such as Iron & Wine and…

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Plumes (FRA)

Montréal and Paris based group Plumes makes music described as “a glorious crossover of classical music grace and indie-pop catchiness” (Grayowl Point). Their debut self-titled album was hailed as a “a carefully constructed Baroque masterpiece, filled with orchestrated meditations on the peaks and valleys of love” (NYC Deli Mag) and their follow-up album, Folk Songs and…

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She Dives (DK)

„To dive“ is just the perfect association for she dives’ music: There’s nordicly algid, yet cristal clear soundscapes growing out of Nils Bloch’s and Asger Kudahl’s efforts. They’re made out of smoothly flowing electronics, metalic twinkling guitar strings and this extra-ordinary voice. It’s all about loss and retrieval. But never about easy solutions. And for…

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Quentin Sirjacq (FRA)

Quentin Sirjacq’s music takes his listeners on a journey through different subconscious places, producing modern music somewhere between neo-classical, jazz, pop songwriting, and ambient, calling to mind Philip Glass’ or French Yann Tiersen’s minimalism. In his own words, the French composer says “I believe music today should allow us to care more about our inner life…

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The Cloche (DE)

…are a Leipzig-based band headed by classically trained pianist Rahel Hutter: Six people weaving live music that’s embracing high-powered beats – just as well as spherical sounds. Think of captivating melodies and rhythmic motifs; a colourful multi-layered soundscape. Think of minimalist and electronic music, post-rock and jazz. A fabulous mixture just in time for 2017.…

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UMA is a producer-couple from Berlin that cuts crystal clear post-trip-hop tracks from a wide array of avantgarde influences. With one hand on the midi-controller and the other one on the forehead, they combine post-internet romanticism with fractal beat cascades – but they never lose touch with all the fragile borders that define the perfect…

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The Explorer Series: Invisible City Symphonies is a roving exhibition which presents contemporary silent films and experimental videos that are screened live with original musical scores composed for each piece on an individual basis. Referring to the format from the beginning of experimental documentaries—the metropolitan symphony—Videokills gathers short silent films that display cityscapes and report on urban experience. The…

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