[fwd: like waves] is a creative agency focussing on the production and curation of festivals and events as well as working as local promoters.

Things we like:

  • Using temporary, off locations and public spaces
  • Reinventing existing spaces
  • Transforming spaces through lights and art
  • Creating interaction with audience
  • Creating communities
  • Crossing creative boundaries
  • Adding social values to events

Events we currently work on or cooperate with include: The Filmfest Nights Out – Filmfest München, Manic Street Parade (Showcase festival and music conference in Munich)

And in the past: We Make Waves (Berlin), Kulturstrand München, VideokillsCorso Leopold, Play Me, I’m Your’s Munich, events for the city of Munich and many more.

Originally founded as a booking agency for Europe & the UK in 2013. A project started by two music lovers from Munich, who have gathered experience with concerts for more than eight years – and know people with the same passion everywhere.

We’re staging concerts in Munich, Berlin and elsewhere. Find out more about Mirca or Florian.