[fwd: like waves] is a creative agency focussing on the production and curation of festivals and events.

We also offer consulting and help with general advise on how to advance in the music industry. From how to book your first tour to how to find funding and successfully apply we have the knowledge to help you become more successful.

Additionally we custom create awareness concepts for your festivals or events to help make everyone feel happy and safe. This includes creating a safer space policy, coaching an awareness team, creating posters and graphics and more.

We are available to give talks, workshops or speak on panels and have done so in the past on several international events and conferences including Breakout West, c/o Pop, Waves Vienna, Nouvelle Prague, MENT, BIME, Liverpool Sound City and many more.

Originally founded as a booking agency for Europe & the UK in 2013. A project started by two music lovers from Munich, who have gathered experience with concerts for more than eight years – and know people with the same passion everywhere. Find out more about Mirca or Florian.

Things we like:

  • Using temporary, off locations and public spaces
  • Reinventing existing spaces
  • Transforming spaces through lights and art
  • Creating interaction with audience
  • Creating communities
  • Crossing creative boundaries
  • Adding social values to events

In the past we worked on or cooperated with:
Pop Kultur Berlin,  The Filmfest Nights Out – Filmfest München, Manic Street Parade (Showcase festival and music conference in Munich), We Make Waves (Berlin), Kulturstrand München, VideokillsCorso Leopold, Play Me, I’m Your’s Munich, events for the city of Munich and many more.